Democrats are at war with America

When evaluating the Democrat Party, it is important to realize that this is not a normal political party. Around the world, it’s not very common for a political party to actually hate the country they wish to govern. Even Xi’s Chinese Communist Party does not hate China. But there is something strange and wrong and backward about the Democrat Party. It hates the Founding of the country. You’ll find on July 4th that they won’t even make a reference to it being Independence Day. Democrats will mark the holiday by saying something like “Happy 4th.” Or some idiot like Kamala Harris will refer to Memorial Day as a “long weekend.” The major reason why Democrats are doing this is because they hope to erase the memory of the Old America and recreate a New America that will be based upon dependence upon government, one-party rule (like California) and a large number of malcontents pushing the country in one direction.

6 thoughts on “Democrats are at war with America

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