Let’s all Leave Facebook

Let’s face it: Facebook hasn’t been fun in a long time. There’s something creepy about the entire interface of Facebook. When you post, say, a photo or just a random political view, it takes about 10 seconds to post. Wonder why that is? At that moment in time, Zuckerberg’s algorithms are analyzing your comments to see if you did anything naughty.

Facebook spies on us. Why do we want to give so much of our personal information to Facebook? Who is Mark? It’s not like most people on Facebook really understand the complicated arrangement that we have set ourselves up for on the service. People exchange their personal privacy for the privilege of posting boring photos of themselves. Is that fair? I think Apple has become quite aware that this is a fragile relationship that Facebook has created with their users. Apple recently has been working on integrating a lot of sharing features that will be completely add-free and without the surveillance of the Facebook apparatus.

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