Mark Levin’s Book “American Marxism” Will Help us Identify True Nature of Leftists

I have not received an advanced copy of Mark Levin’s book “American Marxism,” so I do not know the full details of the contents of his book. A lot of people have assumed that leftists are just strange people with a quirky political philosophy. That is just plain wrong. When leftists use terms like “democratic socialism” or that certain individuals need to be deplatformed from social media, the goal is to silence anyone who stands for freedom while voices who oppose freedom can say whatever they want. That is why places like twitter seem like an insane place that makes no sense since hardly anyone is free to stand against the tyrants who demand all kinds of crazy schemes. Traditional Marxism was based upon a class conflict between workers and the owners of capital. However, that battle never happened. Instead, the left has tried their best to create artificial distinctions between different groups to be at war with one another. Anytime the left says something like, “XYZ group is bad. They are bad people. They did bad things historically and they are bad today”–the purpose is to create an artificial conflict so that the “oppressed” will stand with the Democrats and against Americans who support liberty. It’s a tragedy. I do look forward to reading Mark Levin’s book “American Marxism” as soon as it will be available.

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